Filter Media

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Filter Media

Filter Media are used for Multimedia Filter (MMF) and Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) system. WE offer different types of media to municipal, industrial and commercial customers based on the customers' requirements and needs.


  • Removal of trace organic contaminants
  • High purity water applications
  • Industrial process water treatment and chemical process applications

MMF used different layers of decreasing porosity to trap and retain contaminants. The process of multimedia filtration produces high quality, filtered water at much faster flow.

Multi-Media Filter Media:

  1. Gravel
  2. Garnet
  3. Anthracite

Activated carbon filters are typically used to remove organic compounds and/or free chlorine from water to make water suitable for use in manufacturing or discharge.

ACF Filter Media:

  1. Pellet Type
  2. Granular Type
  3. Powder Type

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